Friday, September 12, 2008

A present for Maggie

Oh boy! A package from grandma and grandpa in Tennessee.

Let's see if it passes the taste test. Mmmmm ... cardboardy.

OK ... I'm going to open it now. No more distractions.

Hey look, Oklahoma just scored again. Go Sooners! Hope they'll show the Bulldogs score soon.

Mmmmrph! Pffft! Mommy says I have something in my nose.

OK, back on task now.

Wow! Halloween PJ's! Thank you, grandma and grandpa!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Sooner born, Bulldog bred — I mean Sooner bred! (No I don't.)

(By Erik)

Jeanie's Aunt Bea got a look at photos of Maggie sporting her Georgia Bulldogs attire and retaliated in a big way.

So here's Maggie sporting her OU pacifier (which we got her a while back — she likes it almost as much as her TWO Georgia pacifiers). Everything else OU-related in these photos was a generous gift from Aunt Bea.


(By the way, Bobby Ross told me a GREAT joke today about how you make Sooner cookies. I'll let you guess the punch line!)

Checking the score
College football ... IT'S GOOD!

Friday, September 05, 2008

Miss Maggie loves Bible class

Maggie has officially been "promoted" to a toddlers class at church (passed all her tests and got her thesis approved), so we got some shots of her on Sunday during her final day in the nursery class.

She's growing up fast!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


(By Erik)

I rarely get involved in politics, but I feel that, in light of recent "news" about Alaska governor and Republican vice presidential hopeful Sarah Palin, I must break my silence.

Quite simply, I think that certain aspects of candidates' personal lives — and the lives of their families — should be off limits to reporters.

It fills me with disgust when I see members of the media harping on a subject that simply should be of no interest to the voting public. (It's also absolutely none of their business.)

It's especially disturbing when reporters (and bloggers) continue to ponder an aspect of a candidate's personal life when she simply has NO CONTROL OVER IT.

That's right, you can say all you want about "instilling family values." Some things just happen — they JUST HAPPEN.

And it's not Sarah Palin's fault!

So, for what feels like the millionth time, I'm asking reporters, bloggers, politicians and pundits to STOP POINTING OUT HOW MUCH SARAH PALIN LOOKS LIKE TINA FEY!

Thank you.

(Wow! They really do look alike. I wonder if Tina's going to make a bunch of guest appearances on SNL.)