Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Maggie's first birthday and other stuff

(By Erik)

Hello friends:

I've been neglecting this blog for the sake of my Facebook page, and for those of you not on Facebook, I am truly sorry.

It's not entirely my fault, though. I've attempted to update this blog a couple of times in the past month and have been blocked from doing so because, evidently, of some technical problems with blogspot.

Since Thanksgiving I've canceled a trip to India, rescheduled a trip to India and been to India. But the big news is Maggie's tubes (no more ear infections ... fingers crossed!) and her first birthday.

So here are a mix of photos from the past few months. Most of these are from Maggie's birthday. I'll post some India pics soon.

Bailey watches Maggie open a present from the McBrides.

Maggie got her own special cake to destroy ...

... with ladybugs, of course.

Mrs. Vanessa from Maggie's day care came to our party.

Maggie "walks" into a room filled with presents.

Maggie and Rachel Lamb

Joyce McBride gets a big smile.

Maggie says hi to Grace Lamb.

Mrs. Vanessa says goodbye.

That's about all the cake she would destroy. She didn't like getting icing on her hands, for some reason.

Sarah and Grace had to try out our treehouse.

Sunset on New Year's Day 2009, somewhere between I-35 and Duncan

During a visit to Altus, mommy got her hair cut and straightened. It lasted until the next time she washed it.