Sunday, February 19, 2006

Know thy spouse (and his or her choice of shoes)

(By Erik)

I meant to post this closer to Valentine’s Day, but Rotavirus would not allow it (see previous post).

Jeanie and I were the big winners in the Valentine’s Day quiz we played at the Lashleys’ house during our most recent “Brother’s Keeper” fellowship (something we do once per month after Sunday night services).

The quiz was designed to see how well you know your spouse. You answer 10 questions and then you guess how your spouse would answer.

Of a possible 20 points, we scored a combined 15, tying with one other couple. Then we went head-to-head in a tiebreaker question and (to be perfectly honest) got lucky.

Here are the questions. Responses in bold are ones that Jeanie and I guessed correctly (about each other).

How do you like your eggs?

Erik: Scrambled
Jeanie: In an omelet

What’s your least favorite household chore (indoors)?

Erik: Cleaning the bathrooms
Jeanie: Cleaning the bathrooms

Name your favorite pair of shoes.

Erik: Steve (Ha ha! Get it? Seriously, though, my black, waterproof shoes from the Bass outlet in Gainesville, Texas — before it closed)
Jeanie: Black slip-ons. (I missed that one. My guess was “the pair she hasn’t bought yet”)

Which facial feature do you like best about your spouse?

Erik: her eyes
Jeanie: his facial hair

What was the year and make of your first car?

Erik: 1988 Ford Tempo
Jeanie: 1990 Chevy Beretta (I didn’t know the year, but the judges said I was close enough)

What is your favorite thing to do on vacation?

Erik: Take photos and eat (Jeanie guessed “Go someplace he hasn’t been, which is a good guess!)
Jeanie: Sleep

Name the place you would most like to visit but haven’t.

Erik: Norway
Jeanie: Vienna, Austria

When do you usually pray?

Erik: Before bed
Jeanie: Before bed

What did you score on your ACT?

Erik: she got mine right
Jeanie: I got hers wrong (by a point)

What was your favorite cartoon as a child?

Erik: G.I.JOE/Transformers
Jeanie: Care Bears

Tiebreaker: Who was your favorite teacher?

Erik: Conrad Fink, University of Georgia
Jeanie: Dr. Molly Hill, Oklahoma Christian University

(I must confess that this blog played a role in our astounding victory. At least one of these questions was one we answered for the “Fantastic Fours” entry a few weeks back. Thanks to the Rosses for “tagging” us to answer those questions!)

If you’re married, take the quiz yourself and let us know how you do. You get one point for every question you get right about your spouse.

I've got Rota (Rooter) virus

(By Erik)

It’s a sleet-covered Sunday here in Oklahoma City.

We haven’t updated the blog recently because I’ve been sick. It started last Monday with a one-day dose of the flu — not fun at all. But that went away rather quickly and, just as I thought things were getting back to normal, I was struck down with an awful stomach flu that I’m just now starting to get over.

Jeanie refers to what I have as “roto-virus” (at least that’s how it sounds when she says it). The phrase reminds me of “Roto-Rooter,” and that’s a pretty accurate description of what the virus does to your system. But I’m doing better now, though I’m still subsisting on a diet of Gatorade and the occasional milkshake.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Fantastic Fours

We were "tagged" recently to answer a bunch of questions that revolve around the number four, so here we go:

Four jobs I’ve had:

• Sporting Goods/Automotive —
K-Mart, Macon, Ga.
• Sports clerk — The (Nashville) Tennessean
• Assistant Civic Editor — The Savannah (Ga.) Morning News
• Assistant Managing Editor — The Christian Chronicle

• Substitute teacher — Altus, Okla.
• Computer clerk/cleaning lady at antique store — Edmond, Okla.
• Lab technician, Oklahoma Christian Uniiversity and University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center — Oklahoma City
• Pediatric resident — OUHSC

Four movies I could watch over and over:

• Any of the “Star Wars” movies (except Episodes I and II)
• Any of the “Lord of the Rings” Movies
• “Dr. Strangelove”
• “About a Boy”
(Jeanie said I should list my “Simpsons” DVDs here, but they’re not technically movies. “Hotel Rwanda” also almost made this list.)

• “Sweet Home Alabama”
• “Three Men and a Little Lady”
• “Hope Floats”
• “Father of the Bride Part II”

Four books I could read over and over:

(In addition to the Bible and assorted commentaries)
• "To Kill a Mockingbird" — possibly the greatest American novel of all time
• Any of the “Lord of the Rings” books (including “The Hobbit”)
• “The Simpsons” episode guides
• “Letters From a Nut’”

• “In His Steps”
• “Life on the Edge”
• “Little Women”
• (a number of books about people of the Bible)

Four places I've lived:

• Alexandria, Va.
• Macon, Ga.
• Nashville, Tenn.
• Edmond, Okla.

• Altus, Okla.
• Oklahoma City
• Edmond, Okla.
• (My parents actually own land in Madill, Okla. Does that count?)

Four TV shows I watch:

• “The Simpsons”
• “Law & Order”
• “The Office”
• “House”

• “Law & Order”
• “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”
• “E.R.”
• “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”

Four places I've been on vacation:

• San Antonio, Texas
• Honolulu, Hawaii
• Boston
• Washington (D.C.)

• Honolulu, Hawaii
• Kingston, Grand Cayman
• Numerous band tour locales from coast to coast
• Branson, Mo.

Four Web sites I visit daily:

The Christian Chronicle — No surprise there. — I always find something worth reading — International news from the BBC. The only news agency that REALLY seems to know what’s going on in the Central African Republic or Djibouti. — Also a no-brainer

• my e-mail
• Resnet — for pediatric residents
• Various blogs — Memorial Road Church of Christ

Four favorite foods:

• Frisco melt and fries from Steak N’ Shake
• Encheladas platter from Pablano Grill or Ted’s (or Chelinos)
• Spaghetti marinara and side Caesar salad from Fazoli’s (provided there are breadsticks — see earlier post)
• Salmon, salmon, salmon!

• Cheese enchiladas (see above restaurants)
• Canadian bacon and onion pizza from Hideaway
• Curly fries from Arby’s
• Chocolate layer dessert

Four nicknames I have had:

• Trygg
• Enrique
• E
• Erda Boy (long story)

• Jeanie Bea (or Bea)
• Pumpkin
• Big Toot (that’s what Jones, our babysitter, called me. My sister was Little Toot.)
• Mom (because I was the “mom” in the youth group)

Four places I’d like to visit (that’ I’ve never been):

• Cambodia
• Norway
• New Zealand
• Japan

• Vienna, Austria
• London
• Washington, D.C.
• New York City

Saturday, February 04, 2006

PHOTO: New Year's sunrise

New Year's sunrise 2006
Originally uploaded by eandjtrygg.
(By Erik)

I shot this photo early on Jan. 1, 2006. I was up early because I took Jeanie to work.

I thought the tree looked cool.

Click on the photo to see a larger version

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Reflections on witnessing a crime

(By Erik)

For the first time in my life, I am a victim of thievery.

I’m still in a state of quasi-shock about it. You think you live in a safe place like Edmond, Oklahoma, not the mean streets of New York City.

And then something like this happens.

I had just finished ordering at Taco Mayo after church tonight when I noticed a young lady standing behind me. She and some friends had entered the restaurant as I was waiting for Jeanie to meet me, so I moved out of the way to let them order.

But she and her friends (one female, one male) had milled around, gone in and out of the bathroom, and now only the one, dark-haired girl was left behind me. I glanced over my shoulder at her and noticed she was staring at me and glancing at the counter — with a very nervous look on her face.

Then it happened.

All I remember is that the girl suddenly ran out of the restaurant. Later I learned the terrible truth. Before she made her exit she leaned forward and grabbed something off of the plastic tray that was waiting for me.

That’s right … she stole my taco.

It turns out that her two cohorts were waiting in the car to make a speedy getaway. I thought about giving chase, but it was too late. That taco likely was digested before they were out of the parking lot.

It makes me so sad to think of what became of the stolen taco. Did that rebellious girl savor it like I would have? How could she? Did she visit the salsa bar and lovingly coat it with salsa verde and pico de gallo? Of course not. (At least I didn’t see her steal any condiments.) Did she bother to share with her diabolical getaway drivers? How satisfied could three people be with one taco?

The folks at Taco Mayo were good enough to make me another taco, but it wasn’t the same.

I’m sure the restaurant’s insurance will cover the cost of the taco that was stolen, but I wouldn’t be surprised if their premiums go up, raising the price of tacos for all of us law-abiding consumers.

Crime simply doesn’t pay. And at the end of the day, all it brings us is a dry, un-salsa-laden mass of ground beef, lettuce and cheese on a crispy shell (because I like the crunchiness, and I still think this whole “soft taco” craze is just a fad).

Thoughts on President Bush's State of the Union address

(By Erik)

I didn't watch it.

But Scrubs came on later and had some funny moments.